1.Which are the lead earnings?

You can earn between 0.60$ and 40.00$ per lead, depending on country and survey.

2.What content can I promote?

You have to check our Terms of Services that you agreed with in order to learn more about that.

3.Which is the minimum amount to request?

Minimum amount you can request is 10$. Request amount updates every month on 1st.

4.Which are the payment methods?

Payment methods are PayPal (min $10), Payoneer (min. $50) and Wire Transfer (min. 100$ with a $35 fee).

5.When i got paid?

Payments are NET-7 so this mean you will receive money on 7th of each month for last month's earnings.

6. Which is the maximum file size i can upload?

Maximum file size is 100mb. If your file is bigger , you can upload it archived.

7.My request payment was declined

If your request was declined that means you filled your details incorrect or there are some problems sending payment to you. Please contact us for more information to solve problem.

8.How much i earn for my referrals?

You earn 10% from you referrals earnings.